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Attention: I have changed my username

Everyone, please have a look.

misshardt is rustlingragazza now. That doesn't mean I'm not, well, missing Hardt, but I was sick of people thinking that Hardt is my last name, that miss means young lady in this case and, generally, that name ties me to ugly things. Besides, as my name is either Supersonic Squirrel or Rustling Ragazza on other websites, I thought I'd change it here as well.

So, this IS Iva, just with a different name. Please, reply to this entry to let me know that you are aware that this is me. I even used my Hocki icon to prove it.
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If you don't see my entries anymore, then you probably lost me during the past six months, year or so. I don't think anyone whom I deleted is a bad friend, I just don't know you well enough or you don't know me anymore and I don't want to bother you with my problems or make you hold on to something that no longer exists or maybe something that never even existed; or hold on to someone who doesn't share the interests with you anymore.

Also, this includes people whose journals are dead.

If I am wrong, you know where to find me.
Boris, Fish, Fishie

Public entry for deleted friends

If you can't see other entries anymore, then...

a) I had a feeling you're not interested in me anymore
b) I had a feeling that you never wanted to add me, but you were polite and did so
c) Your journal was not updated in more than a year
d) I wrote a comforting comment to you and you deleted it
e) You have a problem when I bash people who are not even aware of my existence
f) You're a good website-friend but your LJ is kinda...dead.
g) Every single attempt to contact you fail, no matter how many times I tried
h) Every single sign that I care for you resulted in ignorance

If I made a mistake about you, if I hurt you, insulted you and if you do care about being here for all and do find me interesting, please email me (my real friends know my email address, right?) and tell me that, so I can apologise for having made a fool of myself and add you back. I am aware that, if people don't comment on my journal for a while, I might be distant, boring, too conservative, too nagging for my age, not what you want for a friend, someone who makes you feel bad about yourself.

As I have said, don't flame me. If I am paranoid or wrong, do tell me. I am old enough to accept my mistakes and deal with them.